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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Cary G. Schiff & Associates is a nationally recognized law firm representing the country’s most prominent commercial and residential landowners and property management companies.  As a leading real estate litigation firm in Chicago, our firm offers property owners and operators extensive legal insight into their property related needs and litigation assistance.  We work with our clients on a vast array of litigation matters, from simple lease disputes to complex breach of contract actions.  Our attorneys are easily accessible and will connect with you directly to customize a legal strategy to quickly and effectively resolve any of your property related disputes.

Landlord Representation

The professionals at Cary G. Schiff & Associates focus on all aspects of landlord and occupancy related issues. We work hard to fairly represent landlords in the Chicagoland area who contact us and are prepared to handle holdover proceedings when tenants have not vacated premises at the termination of a lease. This can include non-primary residency holdovers, succession rights holdovers and illegal sublets, breaches of lease, nuisance holdovers, and owner occupancy holdover proceedings.

Commercial Evictions

We can help you with the challenging process of commercial and residential evictions throughout the state of Illinois. Our team will draft the proper notices for you to serve on your tenants, study the contract terms and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. The challenges involved in commercial eviction can be complicated. Feel confident putting your trust in the experience of Cary G. Schiff & Associates.

Landlords and Technology: Electronic Leasing and Online Document Signing Services

Our firm has a depth of experience in advising landlords and property management companies on the broad convergence between real estate and the use of technology. We provide guidance on how to securely implement property management software to successfully create efficiency and scale in the leasing and management of residential and commercial portfolios.  As our clients increasingly deploy property management software subscription services, we provide a clear understanding of the nature and structure of these agreements required to secure those products and services. Without a comprehensive understanding concerning the nature and structure of those agreements, Landlords too often execute contracts that are overreaching and provide for unlawful penalties buried in the fine print. Due to our review and research process in this rapidly expanding area, our firm is fundamentally conversant as to when these contracts and agreements for property management software technologies and leasing subscription services are overreaching, unlawful, or considered a form of business-to-business fraud. Our objective for our clients is to make the electronic leasing and document execution process seamless, safe, and optimally productive.

Residential Evictions

When a landlord and tenant’s relationship breaks down, or a tenant refuses to leave a property, this can quickly lead to eviction measures. This is a reality of renting property, one that we hope never happens to you. When it does, however, you need to know that there are laws to protect both you and the tenant. At Cary G. Schiff & Associates, we have thorough knowledge of landlord tenant law and can assist you with all residential eviction complications.

Receivership Evictions

We are knowledgeable about the subtleties and precedent cases regarding receivership evictions in the Chicago area. The law regarding receivership evictions is technical and can present its own difficulties if you attempt the eviction by yourself. Trust the experience of our office to determine the best course of action for your particular case.

Subsidized Housing

Should you find yourself in a situation requiring representation for issues regarding subsidized housing, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We have extensive experience and awareness of the nuances in government law on both local and federal levels. Our team will work with you to navigate the system in order to preserve your rights as a landlord.

Class Action Defense

If you are a landlord facing a class action suit in the Chicagoland area, we are available to defend and assist you.  Our firm has years of experience representing property owners in class action litigation cases, and we will closely listen to your case, investigate and examine the details, and prepare a complete defense.


If you are a landlord or property manager with a tenant who owes rent and has filed for bankruptcy, we can represent you in filing pleadings and motions in the Northern District of Illinois U.S. Bankruptcy Court in order to proceed with your forcible entry and detainer action.

For more information about our areas of practice and how we may be able to assist you with your property related needs, please contact our office directly at (312) 419-1130 or feel free to complete the form found on our Contact Page.