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It's 2019... Check Us Out

It’s 2019… Check Us Out

Cary G Schiff & Associates was formed in 1986 when the works of Landlord representation was less complex.

Like everything else in life that’s important, we believe that a law firm needs to take a dynamic approach to the issues we address and the problems that we solve everyday for Landlords.

The continuum of change for Chicago Landlords requires that our team remain familiar with all relevant legal issues that are significant in the multifamily, commercial, and retail real estate world. Accordingly, we have adopted a convergent approach to ensuring that while having a clear understanding of any and all case law at the local, state and federal levels impacting our Landlord clients. We make certain to keep our feet planted in the real world of the way things work in the arena see the Courts.

Whether you’re a multifamily, commercial, or retail landlord, we have the team resources to address any legal issues that may arise for you. Please feel free to contact me personally if ever you find yourself at an impasse as a Landlord.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year and all the best in 2019! Check out us out…